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So, where to start with this story... Maybe by explaining the name and then taking you back a year. My name is actually Emily, but for as long as I can remember my mum has called me Louly. She always told me that one day I would have my own brand and we always agreed that it would be LoulyLuxe, so I guess it just stuck. Funnily enough when my beautiful mum Denise started calling me Louly, I started calling her Lil, so when I reference her, it will always be as Mummy Lil, as that's what all my friends and her colleagues know her as now... Hehe... Sorry Lil.

First of all I want to start by saying thank you to my amazing family who have put their heart and soul into helping me build my brand and renovate our beautiful business premises.


live with my gorgeous fiance Chris and our 3 fur babies (Biscuit, our gorgeous ginger fox-like cat. Poppet, our tortioise-shell princess of a cat and Bueno, our beautiful tri-colouredCocker Spaniel). I count my lucky stars everyday that Chris is in my life. He has been there through every step of the way with not only my health but also with my business and is the most supportive partner you could ever ask for.


Of course none of this would of been possible without a little help from my amazing Dad (Steve) too. He drives me crazy sometimes but he will always be one of my best friend's and the person I go to for all DIY advice. I wish that everybody could have a father like him because they would be so lucky. He is one of kind!


Lil on the other hand is an abslute angel who I am absolutely blessed to call my Mum. My mum will always be my biggest fan and is truly the most wonderful and selfless person in the world. She also hand ties every single bow for the luxury home fragrance items that are handmade and stocked in the shop.


So A little bit more about me... I have worked in and out of the beauty industry since i left school. This was mainly in the makeup and skincare sector but I was always so passionate about the beauty treatment side and could of only dreamed about moving into the world of aesthetics. I have struggled with Endometriosis which is a chronic pain condition since 2015. It can be absolutely debilitating and I have had several operations for it but no matter what, I will never and have never let it stop me from following my dreams.

Over the years I worked in various roles whilst my passion grew for all things beauty & aesthetics whilst studying and developing my skills within the industry. I grew my knowlege to a point where i felt comfortable enough to go out on my own and start offering mobile treatments. Once I started stufying for my Aesthetic qualifications I felt it was time to develop a relaxed homely clinic in order to push the business forward.

Having a few treatments here and there doesnt need to make you feel fake. It should make you feel a million dollars and as Marilyn Monroe said 'A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear'. So when you leave us we want you to be smiling from ear to ear.

My philosophy has always been about enhancing your natural beauty whilst making you feel like the best possible version of yourself.

I wanted LoulyLuxe Beauty & Aesthetics HQ to be everything that I would personally want from a clinic. Not only are our premises luxurious and modern but extremely relaxed and homely. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible whilst you are with us getting pampered. Whilst waiting for your treatment you can help yourself to a lemon water or a hot fruit tea. Your experience starts as soon as you walk through the door. You will also be able to shop our ' Lavish by LoulyLuxe ' range of luxury hand poured home fragrance items whilst in our reception / waiting area. 

I am also so excited to announce that we will also be offering Aesthetic clinic days at other locations around the Uk. We have partnered with some amazing salons that share the same philosophy's as us. To view our other clinic locations just head to the 'CLINICS' tab at the top to learn more about the salons we work with. 


Although we are just starting on our journey with LoulyLuxe Beauty & Aesthetics, I can't wait for what the future has in store for us. I know that with love and support from my family and friends and all of our lovely clients, we are onto something AMAZING!  



All my love




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