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  • How old do I have to be for Aesthetic Treatments?
    At LoulyLuxe Beauty & Aesthetics we will not treat anyone under the age of 18 even if you have your parents consent.
  • How old do I have to be for Beauty treatments?
    You have to be over 16 for most of our beauty treatments. If you are under 16 then you may be able to have certain treatments depending on the permission of your parent or guardian.
  • How do I know if I will be suitable for filler or botox?
    At LoulyLuxe Beauty & Aesthetics we are all about enhancing your natural beauty in a safe and professional environment. Before administering any product into the skin you will go through an exceptionally thorough consultation. This is to ensure not only your safety as Botox or any anti wrinkle treatment is a prescription only product but it also ensures you understand the product and the procedure fully. During the consultation process we will run through your consent form that you would have received and filled in prior to your consultation and confirm that we are happy to proceed with the treatment. This also gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and together we will run through your desired outcome for the procedure.
  • Do you offer mobile treatments?
    Absolutely! We often do mobile pamper packages for weddings, hen do's, romantic weekends, girls trips etc etc. We absolutely love giving you an amazing relaxing experience within the comfort of your own home, air bnb, hotel or wedding venue to name just a few. Our mobile services need to booked with a minimum of 2 hours worth of treatments. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions at all in regards to our mobile services. You will find all our contact details on the 'CONTACT US' page.
  • Why do I have to pay a deposit?
    At LoulyLuxe Beauty & Aesthetics we don't take a deposit for any of our Beauty treatments. We do however take a £35 deposit for each Aesthetic Filler treatment booked and £45 for any Anti wrinkle treatment booked. All Aesthetic products are exceptionally expensive to buy in and are more often than not tailored to the individual. If you cancel we may not be able to use the product for another client. By taking a small deposit it enables us to make sure you are not only serious about your appointment but also ensure we aren't loosing the money for your products.
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